Migraines: A Surprising Way to Ease Muscle Tension

Headaches and migraines are known for bringing tension and pain to the head and neck. In fact, there is a common type of a headache called a tension headache. When you are experiencing a headache or a migraine, it usually has to do with tightness in the muscles of the neck and the improper flow […]

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An Alternative Look at Sciatica Relief in Morgantown, WV

The term sciatic describes a set of symptoms that can include lower back pain, hip pain, burning or tingling down the leg, and weakness in the leg.  Sciatica typically only affects one side of the lower body.  To understand sciatica, we need to look at how the sciatic nerve is formed and its course in […]

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What Research Reveals About the Root Cause of Migraines

Migraines remain a bit of a mystery among medical professionals. As one doctor put it: “They aren’t supposed to happen.” However, research is helping to reveal what is to blame for causing migraines. A connection has been seen between migraines and improper communication between the brain and body. The brainstem is the communication superhighway of […]

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Try These Sciatica Remedies Before Popping a Pill

Sciatica can result in debilitating pain that springs from an irritation of the sciatic nerve. Because this nerve is so large, symptoms can vary based on the location of the pressure. For example, one person may experience pain and numbness in the hip area while another may suffer a pins and needles feeling down one […]

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Migralepsy—How Migraines Can Be Related to Epilepsy

Migraines are a debilitating condition that leaves the sufferer weak and exhausted. In rare cases, they may be followed by an epileptic seizure. This is referred to as migralepsy. There is much uncertainty about whether a migraine is a trigger for the seizure or the seizure brings about a migraine. Here is a list of […]

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Looking for Back Pain Relief? Medication May Not Be the Answer

Back pain is something that nearly everyone will experience at some point in life.  From picking up your children to poor posture behind your desk at work, back pain can range from just a dull ache to sharp, severe pain.  Up until recently, the prevailing thought was to reach for some over-the-counter nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory (NSAID) […]

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Coping with Migraines the Natural Way

Whether a person has had one or more than one migraine, he or she might live in dread of when the next one may hit. Migraines are a very common problem, affecting nearly half of all adults. The exact cause of migraines has not been discovered, making diagnosing the condition quite difficult. This leaves sufferers […]

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Sciatica and Your Spine

Sciatica is an almost ubiquitous condition.  Across the United States, more than 3 million visits per year to the emergency department are because of back pain.  When the pain in your low back begins to radiate through the hip and buttock down the back of the leg to the calf, it is affecting your sciatic […]

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How Headaches Can Result from Whiplash Injuries

If you are suffering from headaches, one important factor in finding relief is considering how the headaches began. For example, you may have a history of head or neck trauma involving a whiplash-type injury. As a result, chronic head pain can set in. How does whiplash occur? Causes of Whiplash Injuries that May Lead to […]

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Common Causes of Low Back Pain in Morgantown, WV

If you are dealing with low back pain, you're in good company.  Approximately 80% of adults will experience low back pain at some point in their lives.  Low back pain is the most common reason for missed work days as well as injuries sustained on the job.  It's a condition that doesn't discriminate either, with […]

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