Is It a Headache or a Migraine?

There is a definite difference between migraine headaches and other headache types. Here is a list of symptoms that define a migraine headache versus a non-migraine headache: Migraines are chronic and occur more often that other headache types. Migraines are linked to anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, and other psychological conditions. Migraine symptoms can be triggered […]

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Top 3 Causes of Sciatica

Burning, lancing, stabbing – these are all ways to describe the terrible pain of sciatica.  Sciatica refers to pain that occurs along the course of the sciatic nerve, which runs from the lower back, through the buttocks, and down the back of each leg.  In really bad cases, the affected leg might become numb or […]

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Migraines in Children—Providing Natural Treatment

Migraines can be debilitating for anyone. It can be especially painful for parents to watch their children suffer from the condition. The array of symptoms that can be experienced seems endless. Some of the more common ones include headaches, nausea, light and sound sensitivities, dizziness, and vomiting. No wonder parents will do what they can […]

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Symptoms and Proper Care of Hemiplegic Migraines

When you think of the word migraine, the first thing that comes to mind is probably a really bad headache. However, the headache is just one symptom of the neurological condition known as a migraine. Even when a head pain is characterized by a terrible headache, there can be other symptoms that lead up to […]

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3 Low Back Pain Prevention Tips

Lower back pain is so common that it is often written off as just a normal part of life. Approximately 80% of adults will have lower back pain at some point in their life, most often due to a job-related injury.  Low back pain does not discriminate between young and old, male or female.  It […]

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Migraine Research Continues Pointing to Brainstem & Blood Flow

Migraines continue to be the topic of numerous studies and research papers, and for good reason. While migraines affect 37 million people in the US alone (that’s about 1 in 8 people), shockingly little is understood about this condition. The one thing the medical community seems to agree on is that they keep coming back […]

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Not Your Average Sciatica Treatment

If you’ve ever had sciatica, you know it’s not a pain you can easily ignore.  The sciatic nerve originates in the spine from the lower back, runs through the buttocks and down each leg.  Sciatica is a condition that causes pain, burning or tingling along the course of the nerve that can worsen with certain […]

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New Research Indicates Links Between Migraines and Whiplash Injuries

Millions suffer from whiplash injuries around the world. In the US alone, a reported 1.2 million are reported annually. In recent years, efforts have been made to address current trends in this regard. A new disorder known as Cranio-Cervical Syndrome has impacted the medical community. This new syndrome highlights the fragility of the human neck […]

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Relief from Sciatica in Morgantown, WV

To understand sciatica, you first need to understand the low back.  The sciatic nerve has its origins in the spinal cord and is formed by the nerve roots that branch off from the lumbar spine, the 5 lowest vertebrae in the spine.  The sciatic nerve travels from the lower back, through the buttock, then extends […]

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New Study Shows That a Blood Test Can Detect Migraines

WHO (The World Health Organization) ranks migraines and other headache types at number 7 on the list of most common causes of disability around the globe. Migraines are extremely painful, causing their sufferers to have a sensitivity to light and sound, become nauseous and possibly vomit, and can last for a few hours or a […]

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