Nutritional Purification


Upon achieving nutritional sufficiency, we will score your Toxicity Questionnaire and help you determine if you have toxins in your body. The detailed questionnaire is measuring certain symptoms that indicate organ/tissue toxicity and your level of exposure to toxic substances. The nervous system, endocrine system, and digestive system are very sensitive to toxic exposure and will frequently present with dysfunctional symptoms. If your toxicity questionnaire scores indicate the presence of toxins, you will be offered two choices. The doctor may instruct you to begin the purification program immediately or invite you to our next purification seminar.
The purification program includes a detailed guide book, several supplements for purifying and nourishing during the 21 days and a supportive email program to assist in your successful completion of the program. Purifying toxins from the body is very important for preventing chronic illness.

Purification Program

Why Organic Foods?

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