If you don't get enough sleep regularly, you may start to notice more frequent vertigo attacks. This is because sleep deprivation is one of the most common contributing factors to balance of vestibular problems. Check out what you can do to reduce the frequency of your vertigo attacks and get better quality sleep. Our Morgantown chiropractor also recommends a type of care that will remedy your vertigo and help you see significant improvements in your well-being.

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Have you ever experienced the thrill of getting on a rollercoaster ride? Did you ever have that unstable feeling on your feet once you got off that roller coaster car? What if that unstable and shaky feeling happens to you out of nowhere? Vertigo episodes can feel that way, and the worse part is even though you are standing still, that false sense of motion can creep on you. So what should you do when it happens again? Can vertigo in Morgantown be cured without medication? What’s the best holistic source of vertigo relief in Morgantown? Let's explore your options and learn more about your annoying symptom!


The Key to Vertigo Relief in Morgantown Lie in Your Upper Cervical Spine Alignment! 

Did you know that there is a connection between vertigo and your upper cervical spine? The upper cervical spine refers to the two topmost vertebrae in your neck, known as the atlas (C1) and axis (C2). These bones play a crucial role in maintaining the stability and proper alignment of your head and protect your brainstem, an integral part of your nervous system.

When the upper cervical spine becomes misaligned, it can trigger a host of physical symptoms and health concerns, including vertigo. It can also affect the function of your brainstem, the part responsible for transmitting signals to your brain. This disruption in the brainstem can lead to distorted signals sent to your brain and trigger vertigo symptoms.

To learn more about the connection between head and neck injuries and vertigo, request our by clicking the image below.

But how does this misalignment or restriction occur in the first place? Several factors can contribute to it, such as:

  1. Trauma or Injury

A past injury, particularly to the head, neck, or upper back, can cause misalignments or structural imbalances in the upper cervical spine.

  1. Poor Posture

This can happen when standing, sitting, or even lying down and maintaining poor posture for extended periods, whether due to desk work, excessive phone usage, or other activities, which can put undue stress on the upper cervical spine and lead to misalignments.

  1. Muscle Tension

Chronic muscle tension, particularly in the neck and upper back region, can gradually affect the alignment and movement of the upper cervical spine.

When the upper cervical spine is not functioning optimally, it can trigger vertigo episodes and other symptoms like dizziness, headaches, and neck pain.

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Can Vertigo in Morgantown Be Cured Without Medication?

Vertigo is not a condition to be cured but rather a symptom of an underlying issue. It is a warning sign that something is amiss within your body's balance system. Therefore, dealing with vertigo requires addressing the root cause rather than solely focusing on symptom relief.

For vertigo episodes linked to an upper cervical misalignment, a medication-free approach is possible through Upper Cervical Care. Correcting the upper cervical misalignment becomes crucial for individuals experiencing vertigo. The proper balance and alignment of your upper cervical spine can be restored through the help of a board-certified Upper Cervical Chiropractor. They can recommend a series of gentle and safe adjustments tailored to your needs. Every adjustment aims to relieve the pressure on the nerves and brainstem to restore optimal communication between the brain and the body.

Ignoring an upper cervical misalignment can potentially lead to worsening vertigo symptoms and other associated issues. Therefore, for those seeking long-term relief from vertigo, addressing the underlying upper cervical misalignment should be a priority to improve overall well-being and regain balance.

If you've been experiencing vertigo for no apparent reason, book a visit to our office. We can check if your upper cervical spine is misaligned and ease your vertigo symptoms through the non-invasive method of Upper Cervical Care. Don't wait 'til your symptoms are worse than before. Talk to us today!


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If you’re searching for a way to relieve your vertigo, you might want to start stocking up on nature’s candy! Notably, fruits are excellent sources of essential vitamins and minerals to combat nutrient deficiency, one of the factors that cause vertigo. Discover which fruits to add to your grocery list and how it works so well in boosting your vitality and wellness! Also, read on to discover how a Morgantown Chiropractor can help ensure that your vertigo episodes won’t keep causing you trouble.

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Vertigo is a symptom and not a health condition on its own. It gives a false feeling of movement, as if you or the room around you is moving even if you're not engaging in any physical activity like walking, sitting and running. You may feel that things around you are tilting, swaying, spinning, or shifting in some other way. Cases of severe vertigo can bring nausea and vomiting. Understanding that vertigo is a symptom, you should look for the underlying cause to help you find Morgantown vertigo relief efficiently. 

More importantly, you must familiarize yourself with some of its triggers, like excessive alcohol consumption. This way, you have a better understanding of your situation and improve how you approach your vertigo-causing disease or disorder.


Vertigo and the Inner Ear

Most vertigo cases stem from a problem in the inner ear or the part that is connected to balance. However, problems in some parts of the brain can also trigger vertigo. Some underlying conditions that bring vertigo include:


How Alcohol Affects the Inner Ear 

As mentioned earlier, two significant body parts are involved when vertigo happens. These are your ears and the brain. Did you know that alcohol consumption can affect the inner ear? Your inner ear has three tiny canals containing fluid, crystals, and tiny hairs. These three canals help send signals to your brain about balance and spatial awareness.

Components of your inner ear help determine your body's position concerning your surroundings. Alcohol contributes to dehydration which can reduce the amount of fluid in the inner ear. It can affect one ear and bring an unbalanced amount of fluid. This can lead to your ear transmitting conflicting and wrong signals to the brain, which can bring vertigo.

To learn more about the connection between head and neck injuries and vertigo, request our by clicking the image below.

How Alcohol Affects the Brain

Not only does alcohol consumption affect the inner ear, and it can also affect brain function by messing with neurotransmitter pathways to allow the neurons to pass signals rapidly. When these pathways are disrupted, the brain may not correctly process the information coming from the ears. As a result, your brainstem, in particular, is highly affected, leading to vertigo.

What to Do if You Get Vertigo 

If you have noticed unhealthy patterns of vertigo episodes related to your alcohol consumption, you may need to address the drinking part first. Eliminating the alcohol component can give you a better understanding of what could be the reason for your vertigo episodes. This can also lead you to more sound solutions to help identify and correct your underlying vertigo cause.

Identifying the cause and getting proper care can improve your quality of life and let you do the things you love again. It will also help you break-free from the frustration caused by failed attempts to manage your vertigo episodes.

alcohol, Morgantown vertigo relief

Upper cervical misalignment and vertigo

If you have been drinking alcohol excessively, you may also have incidents of falling and tripping when you cannot keep your balance and walk straight. This can cause unwanted bodily injuries, including the head and neck. In addition, falls and trips can contribute to a misalignment in your neck bones, disrupting your central nervous system and triggering symptoms, including vertigo.

Alcohol intake can lead to dizziness and imbalance due to the change in the fluid composition in the inner ear. In addition, the more you drink, the more chances you become less coordinated compared to when you're sober. This may prompt you to lose your balance and fall.

As mentioned earlier, vertigo can steam from the ears or the brain. However, you may need to be aware that upper cervical misalignments can affect both. Your atlas also called the C1 vertebra, surrounds the brainstem, so a misalignment, even the slightest one, can impact your brainstem function.

Misalignment can lead to brainstem malfunction, affecting how your brain processes messages from the ears about balance and spatial orientation. They can also impact ear function by changing how your Eustachian tubes drain excess fluid away from the ears.


Upper cervical chiropractic care for Morgantown vertigo relief

One of the ways to address the root cause of vertigo is by having your upper cervical spine alignment checked. If any misalignment or unnatural curve is confirmed, you may need upper cervical chiropractic adjustments to address the main issue and find long-lasting relief.

The upper cervical chiropractic doctors at Mountain State Wellness can help you find an effective approach to your vertigo caused by an upper cervical misalignment by first identifying if there's a misalignment, followed by understanding how severe the case. Your chiropractic doctor may also request imaging tests to know the precise measurements of the top two bones in your neck. 

Every set of adjustments is different for every individual so expect that the approach recommended to you is unique to your needs. But, rest assured that you will receive gentle adjustments designed to restore your body’s vitality and improve your overall spinal alignment.

If you have a history of head or neck injury related to alcohol consumption, you must also discuss it with your chiropractic doctor. To learn more about this natural option for Morgantown vertigo relief, contact us via our online contact form or by calling (304) 244-1817.


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A disorder of the inner ear like vertigo might seem alarming to those experiencing it for the first time, especially with symptoms like dizziness or nausea. Check out eight home remedies that can help lessen the chances of vertigo occurring. To get away from the grasp of this vestibular condition, our trusted Morgantown upper cervical chiropractor recommends a natural solution!

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What is vertigo? This is one of the most searched phrases about spinning sensations. And this is mainly because a lot of people experience vertigo but confuse it for ordinary dizzying spells. Recognizing this problem, we thought of tackling the difference between vertigo and dizziness. Hopefully, this will shed light on your situation and provide insights into the best source of vertigo relief in Morgantown.


Dizziness vs. Vertigo: How to Tell the Difference

Finding a suitable source of vertigo relief in Morgantown depends on how well you can characterize your symptom. You can start by identifying the specific accompanying symptoms of your spinning sensations or vertigo attacks. Do you notice additional problems such as ear congestion, tinnitus, vomiting, nausea, or headaches?  

Additionally, you might find it helpful to determine whether you only feel lightheaded or detect a false sense of motion. If you answer the latter, you only likely have dizzying spells. But if it seems like you or your surroundings are swaying, rocking, or spinning, then you likely have vertigo.


Vertigo: A Recurring Vestibular Symptom 

Most of the time, vertigo attacks stem from vestibular problems such as inner ear infections (vestibular neuritis and labyrinthitis), Meniere's, BPPV, and acoustic neuroma. There are also instances when the symptom develops because of a vestibular system problem, such as brainstem irritation, strokes, multiple sclerosis, and transient ischemic attacks. To help you understand these conditions, we have rounded them up below: 

Inner ear infection 

Labyrinthitis and vestibular neuritis are inner ear infections that affect vestibular functions. Thankfully, the spinning sensations improve as soon as the infection clears.

Meniere's disease 

This vestibular problem afflicts 0.2 percent of the American population. It develops mainly because of abnormal pressure buildup inside the eustachian tubes. 


Benign paroxysmal positional vertigo is the leading trigger of vertigo attacks in American adults. It develops because of displaced otoliths (calcium crystals) that interfere with signal transmission between the ears and brain. 

To learn more about the connection between head and neck injuries and vertigo, request our by clicking the image below.

Acoustic neuroma 

Benign tumor growth near the vestibulocochlear nerve can mess up communication between the vestibular system and the brain. This leads to a false sense of movement and proprioception issues. 

Brainstem irritation 

The brainstem can get compressed by displaced or fused C1 and C2 bones. This leads to disruptions in your brain and inner ear's communication pathways. 


Sometimes, strokes can lead to vestibular system problems. According to several studies, strokes can decrease efficiency in maintaining balance or detecting movements. 

Multiple sclerosis 

MS is a highly complex condition that primarily stems from brain or spinal cord abnormalities. Some patients with this condition experience dizziness and vertigo attacks during their flare-ups.

Transient ischemic attacks

According to a study, mini-strokes or transient ischemic attacks can sometimes lead to vertigo attacks. This is especially true for cases that affect the brain's fourth ventricle.


Actionable Steps to Achieve Vertigo Relief in Morgantown

Vertigo attacks can heavily impact your life if you fail to trace its triggers or solve its underlying cause. To jumpstart your healing and recovery journey, here are some actionable tips to help you achieve vertigo relief in Morgantown:


Atlas Bone Adjustments: Your Key to Eliminating Vertigo from Your Life

Many patients overlook postural imbalances as a cause of vertigo. That's because many people don't know that they have cervical subluxation until they learn from a neck chiropractor such as Dr. Lucas or Amy Watterson. But, how exactly can postural problems in the cervical spine set off spinning sensations? 

The answer lies in the function of the atlas and axis bones. Notably, these neckbones play an active role in proprioception (the body's ability to detect movements) and maintaining balance. 

As we always tell our patients, the neck doesn't just hold the head upright. Instead, it also carries out additional functionalities such as encasing the brainstem and influencing the overall alignment of the spine. Because of this, even the smallest shift in the neck's curvature can lead to a laundry list of issues, including loss of balance and spinning sensations. 

The topmost neck bones can also impede vestibular function when they compress the brainstem or prevent natural drainage of fluids from the eustachian tubes. Naturally, you can negate these problems and lead a vertigo-free life by seeking remedies designed to correct postural imbalances. 

One example of such a remedy is upper cervical care. It's a chiropractic technique focused on the atlas and axis bones. Doctors trained in providing upper cervical chiropractic apply just enough pressure on the neck to correct the postural issue and restore the head's natural alignment. 

If you are looking for a holistic way to eliminate your spinning sensations, we strongly suggest consulting with a neck chiropractor. This way, Dr. Lucas and Amy Watterson can run a thorough diagnosis of your neck bone misalignments and check your medical history to provide precise chiropractic adjustments. 

Contact us through our online form or telephone number (304) 292-7740 for more information about our approach to providing vertigo relief in Morgantown.


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If you feel as though you’re spinning even when you’re standing or sitting still, this could be a sign that you have a vertigo problem. There are a few other vestibular symptoms that can accompany a vertigo attack. So, if you’d like to determine what you’re dealing with, here are the top seven indicators that you should look out for. Additionally, check out how our trusted chiropractor in Morgantown can help you enjoy a natural way to get rid of vertigo and its symptoms.

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Hearing is a need. If it's affected, it can harm a person's life. Every vertigo chiropractor in Morgantown understands the struggle of people living with an inner ear disorder such as Meniere’s disease.

If you're one of the 750,000 individuals seeking relief from this awful condition, then you are on the right page. This blog will discuss how your diet may trigger Meniere's disease and how you can reverse your fate by simply changing your food intake.


The Tiny Food Components That Trigger Meniere’s Disease

Is your regular diet high in salt or sugar content? Then it could be the main reason why your Meniere's disease symptoms are becoming worse. These food components cause water retention, resulting in a fluid buildup in the inner ear part called the labyrinth. 

Since the inner ear keeps a constant volume and specific compositions, the excess fluid can cause an imbalance in your inner ear. In addition, they can interfere with how your brain receives signals, leading to hearing problems and vertigo symptoms. 

Patients with Meniere's disease need to maintain the balance and stability of fluid inside their ears. Visiting a vertigo chiropractor in Morgantown can help achieve this goal. In the meantime, you can make some diet changes at home to reduce your symptoms. But how? 

Don't worry; we got you. The next part of this blog will talk about diet tips that can help eliminate the excess substances that adversely affect the normal function of the inner ear.

To learn more about the connection between head and neck injuries and vertigo, request our by clicking the image below.

Meniere’s Disease , vertigo chiropractor in Morgantown

Improving Meniere’s Disease Symptoms with Dietary Changes

These dietary strategies maintain the balance of fluids in your inner ear. Following a healthy diet and visiting a vertigo chiropractor in Morgantown can positively shift the state of your health. Here’s how to begin. 

Reduce Salt and Sugar Intake

One of the best decisions that you can do for your body is avoiding foods and drinks high in sugar and salt. This includes soda, frozen goods, chips, chocolates– basically junk foods. So, what shall you eat instead? 

You can consume vegetables and fresh fruits to help control the amount of salt and sugar in your body. You must also be careful of foods and drinks that claim to be natural and fresh, but in reality, they contain high sugar levels. Boxed fruit juices are also something to look out for. 

Evenly Distribute Meals Throughout the Day

Practicing balanced food distribution throughout the day can also help in reducing the symptoms of Meniere's disease. This means that you need to consume almost the same amount of food and beverages at each meal. Equally distributing food intake throughout the day can help maintain fluid stability in your inner ear. 

Stay Away from Alcohol

You need to limit or completely cross out alcohol consumption in your regular diet. This is because too much alcohol in your system can reduce blood supply to your inner ear. Additionally, the fluid in your inner ear also absorbs the components of alcohol. This causes vertigo or a feeling that the world is spinning around you. 

Keep Your Body Hydrated

Make sure to include an adequate amount of water in your daily diet. Sounds counterproductive? Before you raise your brow, you also need to note that Meniere's disease could also be caused by bacteria or viruses, not just excess fluid. So, drinking enough water in a day can help flush out these toxins from your body. 

Quit Tobacco

Eliminate the use of tobacco. Inhaling the smoke coming from tobacco affects the flow of flood to the inner ear. When you stop consuming tobacco, you are also saving the people around you from the dangers of secondhand smoke. 

Avoid taking supplements that your physician does not recommend. Some of these supplements interfere with your blood pressure and circulation. 


More Effective Solutions to Deal with Meniere’s Disease

Sleeping Better 

Do not underestimate the power of sleep when it comes to Meniere's disease. If you're wondering why your symptoms repeat frequently, you can blame your poor sleep quality. But, of course, sleeping with Meniere's disease is a real challenge. A lot of Meniere's disease symptoms tend to arise when we are lying down in bed. These symptoms include vertigo, nausea, and headaches. 

So, how can you sleep soundly and improve your sleep even with Meniere's disease? Here's a game-changing tip for you.

Upper Cervical Chiropractic Care

One of the professionals who can ensure your optimal recovery from Meniere's disease is a vertigo chiropractor in Morgantown. With upper cervical chiropractic care, you'll experience no more annoying ringing sounds and a constant feeling that you’re spinning in circles. 

Upper cervical chiropractic care traces the source of your suffering by checking the two upper bones on your neck. These bones play a vital role in your nervous system and in protecting the nerves that connect your head, brain, and ears altogether. 

Unfortunately, these bones are also vulnerable to any form of misalignment due to their delicate structure. When a misalignment exists, it disrupts the communication between the brain and the body. This form of malfunction can cause a problem in your inner ear, particularly when draining excess fluid. This is where symptoms like hearing loss and vertigo episodes start to occur.


Talk With a Vertigo Chiropractor in Morgantown 

Mountain State Wellness offers gentle and precise upper cervical chiropractic care that restores your health naturally. Doctors Lucas and Amy Watterson can help you escape from the debilitating effects of Meniere's disease. Our team doesn't chase symptoms but instead fixes the root of your vertigo problem.  

So, take the first step towards full recovery by reaching us through this form. With Mountain State Wellness, you can maximize, strengthen, and enhance your vitality.

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Spinning sensations or vertigo episodes are extremely common. And notably, that's because they can stem from various underlying problems including Persistent Postural Perceptual Dizziness or PPPD. Are you familiar with this vestibular problem? Discover everything you need to know about PPPD including the importance of visiting a NUCCA Chiropractic in Morgantown in our discussion below.

Besides disorienting effects, PPPD can impact the quality of your life. Let's help you overcome this health problem with the help of Upper Cervical Chiropractic. We encourage you to schedule a consultation with Dr. Lucas Watterson or Dr. Amy Watterson to know if you should receive neck bone adjustments. Call us at 304-244-1817 or fill our out website form today!

If you've been recently diagnosed with Meniere's Disease, you may feel overwhelmed and find it difficult to know where to seek help. With the usual symptoms of Meniere's Disease, including vertigo, dizziness, hearing loss, and tinnitus, finding relief that works may be difficult at first. Fortunately, natural remedies are available to help you cope with your condition. 

In this article, we will explore five (5) different natural approaches that could be beneficial in relieving or reducing the effects of Meniere's Disease, including upper cervical care with the help of a board-certified Morgantown Upper Cervical Chiropractor. Keep reading to learn more about these natural remedies, which may help relieve some of your troubling symptoms while also helping you maintain a healthier lifestyle.

5 Natural Remedies for Meniere’s Disease

You can do most of the remedies we listed above all by yourself. But for upper cervical chiropractic care, you will need our help. To know how this natural method can help you cope with Meniere's Disease better, visit our office at 965 Hartman Run Rd. Suite 1101 Morgantown. For a hassle-free visit, book your appointment by calling 304-244-1817 or using this online contact form.

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