Inside the Inner Ear: The Link Between Ear Crystals and Vertigo

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Have you ever felt the room spin unexpectedly, leaving you clinging to the nearest support? Have you ever encountered a situation where vertigo surprised you, making even simple movements challenging? Have you ever sensed an imbalance, as if your inner compass suddenly malfunctioned? Have you experienced when your head movements triggered an unexpected and intense spinning sensation? Can you recall feeling the world was moving in ways it shouldn't, leaving you disoriented? Can you recall instances when these episodes led to more than just discomfort, perhaps even nausea or vomiting? How has it impacted your daily life—whether it's work, social activities, or even just enjoying a peaceful moment? What natural relief for vertigo in Morgantown can help ease your symptoms?


Morgantown Chiropractic Doctor Explains How Vertigo Stem from Displaced Ear Crystals

Vertigo, the disorienting feeling that the world is spinning around you, can be a disruptive and unsettling experience.  And surprisingly, it can sometimes be caused by tiny crystals within your inner ear! These calcium carbonate crystals, called otoconia, play a crucial role in your balance system.

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Understanding Your Inner Ear's Balance System

Your inner ear is a complex structure that helps you maintain balance. The utricle, a small sac within the inner ear, contains the otoconia. These crystals sense gravity and movement, sending signals to your brain to help you stay upright and oriented.

The Problem: Displaced Crystals

When otoconia becomes dislodged and drifts into the wrong part of your inner ear (the semicircular canals), they can send confusing signals to your brain. This is what triggers the spinning sensation of vertigo. Clinically, this condition is referred to as Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo or BPPV. Studies note that BPPV episodes are usually brief but can be quite intense, sometimes accompanied by nausea.


Relief Options: How to Regain Your Balance When You Have BPPV

Thankfully, there are ways to address vertigo caused by dislodged inner ear crystals:

  • The Dix-Hallpike Test: This diagnostic test helps identify the specific ear causing the problem.
  • The Epley Maneuver: A series of guided head movements designed to reposition the crystals back to the utricle. This maneuver is highly effective and can often be done at home.
  • The Semont Maneuver: Another option, though sometimes less comfortable due to its quicker movements.
  • Atlas bone adjustment: In many cases of BPPV, patients find relief when they have their atlas bone assessed and adjusted. That’s because a misalignment in the upper cervical spine can further cause balance problems that worsen BPPV symptoms. Hence, it’s helpful to seek the help of a Morgantown Chiropractic doctor like Dr. Watterson.
ear crystals, natural relief for vertigo in Morgantown, Morgantown Chiropractic, Chiropractor in Morgantown

Upper Cervical Chiropractic For Natural Relief For Vertigo In Morgantown

Let's shift our focus to a holistic approach for those instances when vertigo isn't solely tied to ear crystals. Remember, a misalignment in the upper cervical spine, particularly the atlas or axis vertebra can affect how your brain perceives movement and how you maintain your balance. So, if you have a history of neck or head injuries (either fairly recent or during your childhood), we strongly recommend scheduling an appointment with our Chiropractor in Morgantown. 

This way, you can undergo the necessary consultation, examination and X-ray scans to determine whether your cervical spine is balanced or if you require adjustments. Your consultation with our Chiropractor in Morgantown, Dr. Watterson will also help you understand the importance of maintaining balance in the cervical spine and how gentle chiropractic adjustments on the atlas bone can help your body heal and function smoothly.

Whether through targeted maneuvers or a holistic approach like Upper Cervical Chiropractic Care, there is hope for natural relief for vertigo in Morgantown. Picture a future where balance is restored, and the world stops spinning when you do. Schedule your appointment with our practice today!


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