Every Morgantown upper cervical chiropractor couldn’t agree more when patients say having neck pain is a nightmare. But, unfortunately, this statement rings true for millions of people from all corners of the world.

Experiencing neck pain daily is brutal. Although neck pain symptoms vary in severity, people usually have to endure:

Having a sore neck can be an unnecessary obstacle to an already challenging day for workers. Imagine experiencing neck pain and stiffness during your daily commute or on a stressful day at work. 

Getting neck pain on your days off is also frustrating and disappointing. Instead of having the day to yourself and your loved ones, you have to handle and focus on taking care of your neck.

Your recovery from neck pain begins by learning the possible reasons for it. And when you determine the root of your neck pain, only then will you have the capability to choose the best course of action to alleviate your hurting neck.

But before we look at five possible reasons for your neck pain, let’s briefly discuss what you should know about the neck.

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Overview of the Neck Structure 

The neck is a complex and fascinating part of the body. Its structural design enables movement and balance support for the head. Not only that, but the neck also protects the brainstem and parts of the spinal cord, which let the rest of our bodies move and feel. 

Ironic as it is, the structure of the neck makes it vulnerable to issues like misalignments. If you visit a Morgantown upper cervical chiropractor, you would know that the neck or the cervical spine is consists of seven bones. Aside from these vertebrae, ligaments, discs, muscles, and joints also make up the cervical spine.

5 Typical Causes of Neck Pain

As mentioned above, the cervical spine houses the brainstem and parts of the spinal cord. Therefore, if any issues arise from the neck, say a misalignment, these problems can directly impact the nerve endings in the region and beyond, leading to neck pain.

That being said, here are five usual conditions that bring about neck pain:

#1. Degenerative Disc Disease

Disc degeneration is a common condition that happens with age. By the age of 30, most people will experience recurring back pain and neck issues-- hence, it’s completely normal. 

Accelerated disc degeneration at a much younger age, on the other hand, isn’t normal. Degenerative disc disease is usually the reason behind a faster rate of wear and tear in the parts of the neck. To prevent your spinal disc from degeneration and further damage, taking action is necessary. Keep yourself hydrated, avoid smoking, don’t drink alcohol, and maintain proper posture.

#2. Disc Herniation 

A herniated disc can be frightfully painful and uncomfortable. This condition occurs when the discs cushioning your neck bones slip out of place. To avoid having herniated discs, make sure that you keep the proper form when exercising or lifting heavy items. Avoid moving your head forcefully and practice extra care to avoid falling accidents.

#3. Headaches and Migraines

Neck pain is a typical companion of headaches and migraines. However, people who consult with a Morgantown upper cervical chiropractor are often surprised to hear of the connection between neck pain and persistent headaches. An excellent explanation for their relationship is the happening during a neck misalignment. 

If, for example, a misalignment exists in the topmost vertebrae of the neck, this misalignment will impede the blood flow between the neck and the brain, causing painful neck and headaches. If you are prone to getting migraines and headaches, it’s best to avoid bright, pulsating lights and other common triggers.

#4. Osteoarthritis 

When degeneration occurs anywhere in the neck, pain usually follows. Those who suffer from osteoarthritis and any form of bone or joint disorders generally experience neck pain and stiffness. 

Doctors would recommend that you relieve pain caused by osteoarthritis with pain and anti-inflammatory medications. In addition, try to avoid foods that cause inflammation if you have this condition.

#5. Whiplash Injury

Neck injuries, in general, often result in neck pain and other related issues. Whiplash is a highly prevalent neck injury that can lead to a hurting neck. 

Believe it or not, whiplash injuries do not require getting involved in a freaky car or sports accident. Whiplash injuries can occur when you move your head too vigorously all of a sudden or when you receive a rather forceful blow to your neck or head.

At all costs, try to be careful in whatever you do to avoid injuring your neck. For example, take precautions when you drive or walk in a flight of stairs.

3 Ways to Deal with Neck Pain

If you’re dealing with neck pain, you might find some peace knowing that there are several methods for coping. Today, we’ll look at three different ways to deal with consistent neck pain:


Pain medications and anti-inflammatory drugs are the customary go-to solutions for any physical pain, including neck pains. These OTC pills work fast to alleviate any swelling or pain in the affected region.

However, you’d need utmost care and discipline when taking any medicines for pain. Always consult your doctor when you want to start taking medications.

Lifestyle Adjustments

To live a sustainably neck-pain-free life, you have to commit to some lifestyle changes. Try to follow these rules, and your neck (and overall health) will thank you:

Upper Cervical Chiropractic Care

If you think that your neck pain is due to a neck misalignment, wouldn’t it be fitting that you go directly to the professionals? When dealing with neck problems, who else has more expertise than an upper cervical chiropractor?

If you are looking for a Morgantown upper cervical chiropractor, our Mountain State Wellness doctors can help you out. Drs. Lucas and Amy Watterson are fully capable of assessing and adjusting any neck misalignments.

The upper cervical chiropractic technique they use is exceptionally accurate and highly gentle, yielding positive results. If you want to learn more about the benefits you can reap from upper cervical chiropractic care, call us at (304) 292-7740 to talk to our doctors.

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Do you wake up in the morning with neck pain and struggle with it throughout the day? If so, you will be happy to learn about a natural way to deal with chronic neck issues. But before introducing this alternative therapy, it is important to understand what causes neck pain. This will lead to a better understanding of how to correct it.

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Understanding Neck Pain

Understanding Neck Pain

Many migraine sufferers experience neck pain but don’t even associate it along with the neurological condition. We expect a migraine to include a severe headache, nausea and vomiting, sensory sensitivity, and other similar symptoms. But neck pain is often written off as being unrelated. Could neck pain actually be the most common migraine symptom? If so, why? Let’s take a closer look at the significant link between migraines and neck pain.

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neck pain
tech neck

Upper cervical chiropractors in Morgantown help people deal with their various health problems, including neck pain. Technology comes at a price. Tech neck is one price people have to pay.  

We tend to become too dependent on technology nowadays. Neck pain happens because of our addiction to smartphones, tablets, mobile devices, computers, and TV. Excessive use of these devices results in health risks affecting our back and neck. No wonder a new term exists to address neck pain issues that develop from overuse of tech gadgets. This term is known as the tech neck

Get to Know the Anatomy of the Neck and Spine

The cervical spine (the region of the spine that is in the neck) contains seven vertebrae. It starts beneath the base of the skull and stops in the thoracic spine (the mid-back). Also, it is highly flexible and allows the head to move in various directions. Because of its flexibility, the neck can easily suffer from injury. How? It can happen due to the following reasons:

Any of these can cause chronic neck pain and other health problems. Fortunately, upper cervical chiropractors in Morgantown can take care of these issues. The upper cervical spine is consists of various components that may be the source of neck pain:

If the discs between the vertebrae wear thin, bulge, or herniate, then degenerative disc disease may become the result.

Like the rest of your body joints, the facet joints in your neck can deteriorate because of wear and tear or injury. 

Accidents and injuries from any of the following can result in neck pain:

These can also cause damage to the ligaments of your cervical spine. 

Joint arthritis, disc degeneration, bone spurs, or spinal misalignments can damage and irritate the spinal nerve roots.

Injury or muscle overuse can cause soreness of the neck muscles. Upper cervical chiropractors in Morgantown are well-versed in dealing with problems in the muscles and bones of the neck.

The upper part of the neck, where it links with the skull, is the essential region for neck pain. The atlas (C1) is the vertebra that supports the head and gives it a wide range of movement. It is also the most flexible and highly vulnerable bone in the entire spine. The atlas vertebra lacks protection and support because it has no disc below or above it. When the atlas bone misaligns, the rest of the neck will begin to compensate to maintain the head balanced in a neutral position. 

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Technology Overuse And Its Effects On Your Neck

When people use their smartphones too much, there is the risk of putting your neck at risk. Can you imagine how? Looking down at the phone or tablet would require the neck to repeatedly get stuck in the same awkward position and prolonged periods. Craning your neck down too long can be bad for your posture. It would increase the weight placed on your neck to hold the head up properly. Therefore, if you look down at your device at a 45-degree angle, the neck’s load becomes heavier by almost 50 pounds. It means the neck is carrying more pressure than the neck is supposed to endure!

If you keep your neck and head in this awkward and unnatural position for prolonged periods repeatedly, it will cause injury, stress, and pressure to the neck later on. As a result, neck pain may be the most evident symptom of technology overuse. However, more conditions may develop in connection with tech neck:

Inflammation or neck pain will also impact your blood flow, cerebrospinal fluid drainage, overall health, and neurological function. When these occur, the onset of headaches and migraines are not far behind. 

The neck is close to your jaw. Meaning, if a misalignment in the neck happens, it would automatically affect the jaw's resting position. Also, if the head cannot balance appropriately over the neck, the temporomandibular joint (TMJ) would suffer excess pressure and stress. As a result, it can cause pain, jaw imbalance, and TMJ dysfunction.

Using your computers, smartphones, or other hand-held devices for extended periods can lead to numbness, wrist pain, and tingling. Moreover, the nerves of the neck would extend through the arms, shoulders, and hands. Inflammation of the neck nerves would compound with carpal tunnel syndrome and other similar wrist issues.

As the neck supports a more massive load whenever it tilts forward, the upper back pressure increases and becomes more intense simultaneously.  

The rest of the spine would begin to shift to compensate if you would compromise your neck, have bad posture, and sit at work for prolonged periods. Your sciatic nerve and lower back would suffer and become significantly affected as well.

Consult with One of Our Upper Cervical Chiropractors in Morgantown

Upper cervical chiropractors can correct any atlas misalignment as they have trained to do so. Atlas misalignment is often the underlying cause of various neck issues and tech neck. If you need a chiropractor for neck pain in Morgantown WV that can provide adequate care, visit Mountain State Wellness. One of upper cervical chiropractors can employ a natural, gentle, and precise technique to get to your personal needs. We directly address the underlying reason for your neck pain through a scientific and highly accurate scientific approach. Email us or call (304) 292-7740 to experience our unique and gentle care.

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