Looking for Back Pain Relief? Medication May Not Be the Answer

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In the study, data on over 6,000 patients with back pain were analyzed, and it was found that only one out of every six patients reported a clinically significant decrease in their pain after two weeks of NSAID use.  This was determined to be no better than the results of using a placebo, but the NSAIDs came along with risks of developing gastrointestinal bleeding and cardiovascular problems.

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Addressing Back Pain Without the Risk

Many causes of back pain are spinal in origin.  The spine is a complex network of vertebrae, muscles, tendons, and ligaments that all work together to keep things functioning properly.  A normally working spine allows us to go about our daily activities comfortably, whether they involve sitting, standing, walking, participating in sports, or anything in between.

When back pain arises and doesn't resolve within a few days, then there's a good possibility that the spine is not doing its job as it should.  The spine houses and protects the delicate tissues of our brainstem and spinal cord.  When vertebrae shift away from their normal alignment, it can put pressure on these nerves and cause muscle spasm, postural distortions, abnormal sensations, and more.  

Many spinal issues begin when the atlas, the topmost vertebra in the spine, misaligns.  Like a chain of dominoes, the spine must twist and turn to compensate for the fact that our head is not being carried in a neutral position.  This can manifest as mid-back pain, low back pain, sciatic nerve pain, and even problems with the knees.

Correcting the atlas gently and specifically is our focus at Mountain State Wellness.  When the atlas is restored to its normal position, the rest of the spine can relax and realign. Upper cervical chiropractic is a natural way to address ongoing episodes of back pain, without the risks associated with medication use.

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