Migraines are widely known for bringing debilitating headaches along with other symptoms. But did you know that in some migraine cases, there's an absence of these headaches? It's called silent migraines. Some patients who seek migraine relief in Morgantown report migraine episodes without headaches, but just the same, their accompanying symptoms can still be debilitating. 

Understanding your condition can help you better weigh your options for relief. So we've compiled some key information about silent migraines to help you better detect and manage your condition.


If you start noticing your silent migraine episodes following a head or neck injury, you may be experiencing the results of upper cervical misalignment. This happens when the topmost bones of your spine shift out of their proper alignment, triggering a host of uncomfortable symptoms that can affect you in many ways.
Correcting the misalignment is the most recommended way to counter its side effects, and you will need the help of a board-certified upper cervical chiropractor. Our team can help you! To set your appointment, call us at 304-244-1817 or use this online contact form.

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