Easing a Crick: Ideas from a Neck Pain Chiropractor in Morgantown

Do you often find yourself waking up with a stiff neck, unable to move your head without any pain? Or perhaps experiencing some mild to sharp jolts in your neck region during sudden body turns? If so, you have a crick in your neck, and we know just how to fix it! But first, let […]

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The Difference Between a Migraine and a Sinus Headache

The majority of people who assumed they were suffering from sinus headaches deal with migraines. It’s pretty easy to confuse the two, so here is some information to help understand the difference between a migraine and a sinus headache. As your trusted chiropractor in Morgantown, we’ll round this off with a discussion on natural headache […]

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When Migraine Hits Men

Literally, men are generally great, mostly action-oriented, and exhibit strength and power in whatever they do. What will happen if the source of their masculine energy is being drained? All those bright ideas and enthusiasm could easily be shattered when the brain suffers from pain. Migraine is the kind of pain that can stop even […]

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5 Ways Your Desk Job is Hurting Your Neck and Benefits of Upper Cervical Care in Morgantown WV

Do you spend long hours each day sitting at your desk? Chances are you often experience stiffness or soreness in the neck, shoulders, and back. As it turns out, desk jobs are among the most commonly reported causes of neck pain. If you're not sure why it causes neck problems, we recommend going over our […]

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How Your Diet Triggers Your Meniere’s Disease Symptoms

Hearing is a need. If it's affected, it can harm a person's life. Every vertigo chiropractor in Morgantown understands the struggle of people living with an inner ear disorder such as Meniere’s disease. If you're one of the 750,000 individuals seeking relief from this awful condition, then you are on the right page. This blog will discuss […]

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NUCCA Chiropractic in Morgantown Tackles PPPD and Potential Relief Option

Spinning sensations or vertigo episodes are extremely common. And notably, that's because they can stem from various underlying problems including Persistent Postural Perceptual Dizziness or PPPD. Are you familiar with this vestibular problem? Discover everything you need to know about PPPD including the importance of visiting a NUCCA Chiropractic in Morgantown in our discussion below.

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Morgantown WV Upper Cervical Chiropractors Explain Neck Pain and Migraine Connection

Have you ever wondered why neck pain occurs with chronic migraines? Notably, many people experience mild to severe throbbing in their neck before, during, and after their migraine episode. Let's help you understand why this happens with our quick discussion below. Also, we tackled the role of our Morgantown WV Upper Cervical Chiropractors in alleviating migraines and […]

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5 Reasons Why Your Neck Hurts

Every Morgantown upper cervical chiropractor couldn’t agree more when patients say having neck pain is a nightmare. But, unfortunately, this statement rings true for millions of people from all corners of the world. Experiencing neck pain daily is brutal. Although neck pain symptoms vary in severity, people usually have to endure: Having a sore neck […]

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NUCCA Chiropractor in Morgantown Explains How Neck Pain Works

Do you wake up in the morning with neck pain and struggle with it throughout the day? If so, you will be happy to learn about a natural way to deal with chronic neck issues. But before introducing this alternative therapy, it is important to understand what causes neck pain. This will lead to a […]

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Migraines and the Menstrual Cycle – The Connection

While it’s true that migraines can affect both sexes, it seems to occur more in women compared to men. According to statistics, roughly 85 percent of migraineurs who experience chronic symptoms come from the female population. That’s why it’s also not surprising why more women tend to seek Morgantown WV migraine relief than their male […]

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