Understanding Basilar Migraines: A Rare Type of Headache

Did you recently get diagnosed with basilar migraines? Do symptoms like dizziness, intense headaches, slurred speech, vision problems, and poor coordination often cause massive disruptions to your everyday schedule? Are you fed up with your failed efforts to find a sustainable source of migraine relief in Morgantown? Indeed, dealing with chronic conditions like basilar migraines […]

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The Best Way to Enjoy Let-Down Migraine Relief in Morgantown

Just when you thought you would rest and relax after a hectic week at work or school, you find yourself stuck dealing with a troublesome migraine. This kind of migraine is known as a let-down or weekend migraine. Learn more about the causes and factors that play a role in its development. Also, find out […]

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Alcohol Consumption And Other Causes Linked To Vertigo

Vertigo is a symptom and not a health condition on its own. It gives a false feeling of movement, as if you or the room around you is moving even if you're not engaging in any physical activity like walking, sitting and running. You may feel that things around you are tilting, swaying, spinning, or […]

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How to Relieve Straight Neck Syndrome from an Upper Cervical Chiropractor in Morgantown

Straight neck syndrome is a postural deformation common to a lot of people nowadays. It often stems from trauma or injury to the neck that causes misalignments along the spine. If you're suffering from straight neck syndrome, we've prepared a simple guide for you to understand it better. Additionally, we will let you in on […]

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Tips and Tricks to Manage Vertigo from a Morgantown Upper Cervical Chiropractor

A disorder of the inner ear like vertigo might seem alarming to those experiencing it for the first time, especially with symptoms like dizziness or nausea. Check out eight home remedies that can help lessen the chances of vertigo occurring. To get away from the grasp of this vestibular condition, our trusted Morgantown upper cervical […]

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Neck Pain During Pregnancy: How to Achieve Natural Relief

Expecting mothers are no stranger to body pain, especially as their pregnancy progresses. The growing child inside the womb and the significant anatomical and physiological changes in a woman’s body can result in aching in several body parts, including the neck. As your Morgantown neck pain chiropractor, Mountain State Wellness hopes to share a few […]

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How Diet Choices and Tyramine Trigger Migraine Episodes

Migraine is a perfect recipe for a disastrous day. Unfortunately, it doesn't always come at a good time. Instead, it makes a good time terrible enough to keep you in the dark corner, preferably under the covers. It may not have a cure yet, but visiting a migraine chiropractic clinic near Morgantown may provide lasting […]

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Chiropractor in Morgantown Explains Migraine with Aura Symptom

Migraines with aura affect a significant percentage of migraineurs. Learn more about how migraines with aura work and what you can do to overcome lesser-known symptoms like transient aphasia. Our chiropractor in Morgantown has also discussed a type of care that might come in handy in alleviating your pain.

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Morgantown Upper Cervical Chiropractor Lists Drug-Free Ways to Get Neck Pain Relief

Many people depend on pain relievers to cope with an achy neck. Sadly, the effects of medications wear out quickly, leaving people susceptible again to excruciating bouts of neck pain. If you’re keen on finding a way to get relief without drugs, here are five methods you can try! Morgantown upper cervical chiropractor also suggests […]

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Eliminating Confusion Between Dizziness and Vertigo

What is vertigo? This is one of the most searched phrases about spinning sensations. And this is mainly because a lot of people experience vertigo but confuse it for ordinary dizzying spells. Recognizing this problem, we thought of tackling the difference between vertigo and dizziness. Hopefully, this will shed light on your situation and provide […]

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