When Migraine Hits Men

Morgantown migraine relief

Literally, men are generally great, mostly action-oriented, and exhibit strength and power in whatever they do. What will happen if the source of their masculine energy is being drained?

All those bright ideas and enthusiasm could easily be shattered when the brain suffers from pain. Migraine is the kind of pain that can stop even the strongest human from doing anything else besides feeling pain. If you’re in West Virginia, a chiropractor that can give Morgantown migraine relief is just a call away.

According to established studies, a lot of women suffer from migraine, but men can have them too. Unfortunately, being the Top Gun or a Rambo doesn’t save anyone from the risk of having migraines. In fact, there’s a high possibility that aside from good looks and intelligence, conditions like migraine could also be inherited.


Taming Migraine Triggers

So, what triggers these migraine attacks? 

Taking a mindful look into your lifestyle might save you from the risk of having episodes or the complications that arise with migraine in the long run. 

Looking sharp, always on the go, and being fit is trending nowadays, but men can take it a bit too far by compromising healthy living when they engage in fasting or skipping meals, smoking, being under stress, and even cutting some sleep hours and chugging that coffee.

The mentioned bad habits above are the main triggers of migraine in men. Other factors that could spark an attack of migraine are intense physical exertion, including sexual activity, weather changes and the polarity of temperature, and anything too strong for the senses like a bright flashing light, loud sound, and strong scents.


The Unexpected Marriage with Migraine: For Better or for Worse?

If you have had it for a long time now, it means your pain tolerance is fantastic and the risk of getting other health problems is remarkable as well. It is possible to have a migraine at any age, but it usually begins in adolescence.

Migraine could trigger other mental health issues like anxiety, depression, insomnia, and bothersome conditions like restless leg syndrome and irritable bowel syndrome. It is also important to note that the risk of getting a heart attack, stroke, and other heart conditions is higher in men who suffer from migraine.

With all of these health issues that come with migraine like a package deal you never ordered, one thing is for sure, it's delivered to your door, you took it inside and now it's stopping you from being the best version of yourself. You become less productive and occupied with all the extra baggage.

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Reclaim Your Power and Manage Your Migraine

It's not surprising that most adults who are busy building empires resort to popping the medicines since a lot of painkillers are available over the counter. A little Googling will enlighten us that a lot of research now has repeatedly warned the public of the complications that may arise with medication overuse.

It's like we're caught in this toxic cycle of taking higher levels of painkillers to relieve the “overuse headaches” that medication overdose is causing us. Nobody should be living in that kind of special hell. Luckily, modern science brings us a more natural remedy that doesn’t carry with it the extra baggage of side effects.

Headaches come in many types and the famous type is migraine. Migraines are likely caused by the same things but most especially by the misalignment of the cervical spine. Misalignment of the C1 and C2 bones of the neck could cause disruption in the blood flow and exchange of brain signals between the body and brain, triggering symptoms of migraine.


Choosing Your Weapon to Get Morgantown Migraine Relief

West Virginia residents can get Morgantown migraine relief naturally through the safest weapon of choice there is.

As if in a war, our body tries its best to balance and function despite the illnesses that are holding it back, like migraine. The body naturally compensates and, by doing so, overexert effort to make us functional. Our duty as conscious people is to take care of our body, not the other way around, to help prevent getting the risks that come with conditions like migraine.

Be it a sudden terrible headache attack or a long-term migraine you’ve been enduring, it is advisable to seek professional help to get accurate care.

As mentioned, with the piling of studies suggesting painkiller overuse causes us a lot more problems, going for a more natural remedy with a scientific basis and approval is a good option, if not the best.

Upper cervical chiropractors have been easing migraine with cost-effective, non-invasive, and safe procedures with awesome outcomes. By realigning the neck or upper cervical bones, the blood flow and brain communication improve and your overall health.

Upper cervical care uses 3D imaging techniques and bone scans combined with the patient’s personal medical history and related lifestyle background. The doctor of chiropractic then designs an appropriate care plan that will suit the patient.

We can be a hero of our own body by freeing it from debilitating pain like migraine. No matter how much endurance one has, the side effects along the way couldn’t be prevented by mere willpower. It is high time for self-care.

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