3 Low Back Pain Prevention Tips

Lower Back Pain, Lower Back, Back Pain, Back Ache, Pinched Nerve, Numbness, Tingling, Sciatica Pain Relief, Sciatica, injury, back injury, work injuryLower back pain is so common that it is often written off as just a normal part of life. Approximately 80% of adults will have lower back pain at some point in their life, most often due to a job-related injury.  Low back pain does not discriminate between young and old, male or female.  It can be caused by an acute incident, or over time, poor posture and repetitive stress to the lower back can lead to strain and injury.  

Fortunately, there are a few ways to address the most common culprits of low back pain, and to try to keep the muscles, joints, and discs of the lower back as healthy as possible.  Focusing on the following three things can be part of a plan to try and prevent a bout with low back pain:

  • Core stabilization - Having strong core muscles provides much-needed support to the lower back and can be important in avoiding injury.
  • Improve your posture – If your job involves sitting, use an ergonomic chair.  You can also use your phone to set a timer to remind yourself to get up and walk around a bit at least once an hour.
  • Lift correctly – We’ve all heard “lift from your legs and not from your back.”  Proper lifting technique can help you to avoid injury to the muscles, discs, and joints of the lower back.

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The Spine & the Key to Low Back Pain Relief

The function of the spinal cord is to transmit signals to and from your brain.  All of the nerves in your body have their origins in the spinal cord.  In order to function normally, the spinal cord should not have any stress or torque present.  The entire structure of the spine functions as a unit.  

When the topmost bone in your spine, the atlas, misaligns, it creates spinal cord tension.  This tension leads to a distortion of signals that can cause imbalances in posture.  This chain reaction causes unequal muscle tension and weight distribution, ultimately causing pain and discomfort in the low back pain.

In many instances, the patients who find their way to our offices have tried a general chiropractic approach consisting of repeated adjustments to the low back.  Oftentimes, this would provide some measure of relief, but it wouldn’t last.  

The upper cervical approach we take at Mountain State Wellness looks at the entire picture.  While it may not seem logical at first—knowing that the entire spine is connected and that low back pain is often a compensation—addressing a primary misalignment that happens at the very top of the spine can be key.  

Getting the atlas corrected will remove the stress and tension on the spinal cord, reduce muscular imbalances, and allow normal posture to be restored.  




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